What is a SCORE counselor?

What is a SCORE counselor?

Chris CaneWhy do some folks get involved and others don’t? Some of us are wired to help others and others are not. I know that from time to time I invite or ask a friend to join SCORE and they look at me as if I had two heads, perhaps three. I know that I joined SCORE for the camaraderie and friendship of other counselors, the feeling of warmth that comes from helping others and perhaps to enjoy conversations with peers from all walks of life and industry.

I found SCORE through an HP/SCORE seminar in downtown Cincinnati in the summer of 2008. I had heard of SCORE and I knew what the old acronym meant but never thought much about it. Following the seminar I began to reflect on the fact that I’d been working in my own home for close to six years with limited face-to-face contact with peers, customers and with no co-workers, this was not going to improve. I sometimes say that I came out of my basement, stepped outside, found SCORE and joined up.

If you’re intersted at all in being a SCORE counselor then I do recommend that you consider it seriously as you’ll meet and work with many men and women who care about others as you do.

I’d welcome some thoughts and comments from others as to why they joined SCORE?


  • Chris Cane | Dec 4,2009

    One of our counselors sent me an email not too long ago when I asked others “Why did you join SCORE?” He said:

    “I joined SCORE and continue to enjoy the experience because of the camaraderie I enjoy with other mentors. The training has kept me up to date with new business technologies. I love the feeling of satisfaction that comes from giving back to the communities and for the words of appreciation from my clients. Most of all it helps to keep me young through the association with young, enthusiastic clients and others I’ve met through our Outreach Programs.”

  • Chris Cane | Dec 5,2009

    I agree with the previous comment. When we moved to Cincinnati from New Orleans a couple of years ago I joined SCORE because I was already familiar with the organization. The good people I met through SCORE have helped us get established here, and we developed some valuable friendships

  • Chris Cane | Dec 7,2009

    Although I started with a very biased and negative view of SCORE activities, from prior experiences, I have certainly changed my mind.

    You do need to both have a feel for the rough and tumble of the magnitude of tasks and threats that a small business faces and a real innate desire to help others in a business venture.
    This may not be you, but if it is then you have found a welcome home in the Cincinnati Chapter.

  • Chris Cane | Jan 26,2010

    I joined SCORE, because I wanted to give back to community and because helping start-ups and struggling businesses keeps my juices flowing and makes me feel good. I also joined SCORE to be asociated with winners and to learn from those winners!

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