Ten Ways to Close the Sale

Ten Ways to Close the Sale

1)      Ask for the order…70% of salespeople do not.

2)    Always give the customer/client a choice of two different product/services, either one of which is fine with you. Otherwise their decision is between yes and no.

3)      Always be closing with small trial closes.

4)      The Take-a-way…”Probably not right for you, even if most of your competitors are benefiting from it. No, there may be something else…”

5)     The Ben Franklin close…List the benefits on the left and the objections on the right…Obviously you will help them think of the benefits but not the objections.

6)      The Assumptive Close…Assume at all times that they are going to buy, answer all their questions, start “processing” the order, watch for buying signals and ask how many they want.

7)      Get agreement…ask a series of questions that that evoke a positive response. It is hard to say no after agreeing with everything.

8)      Get a commitment…”Oh, price is the problem? If I could get an additional 10% off for you, would you go ahead with it? Great, initial here and I will see what I can do for you”.

9)      Agree with their objection…”You are right. I felt that way as did many of our customers. However, When they compared the true value…”

10)   “Forgive me, I have failed. I know that you are not going to buy today. So, please help me. Where did I go wrong? If I had done my job, you would be as happy as all our other customers…So, if it wasn’t for the color, you would have bought today…So you are saying that if I could get that color in here tomorrow…”


  • Bill Haman | Jul 31,2013

    Very nice, I like direct tactics to support the theory of selling. Great job.

  • Bill Haman | Aug 9,2013

    I have fond memories of asking for the order. I was with a purchasing guy that I had met with 5-6 times. The meetings were cordial but no orders were forthcoming. I had just finished one of those sales refresher courses that all sales people just love and the one takeaway I had was “Ask for the order!”.

    So as our meeting was obviously coming to a fruitless end, I said “When are you going to throw me a bone?” He looked back and said that he was happy with his current supplier but he needed guys like me dropping into keep him current. Now this really pissed me off. I did not see my role as being his teacher.

    I returned something like “I know we like each other and I enjoy our meetings but this is my last visit unless I receive an order from you this week.” He said “You don’t mean that!” and I was still pissed off and replied “Try me!”

    The next day, I did receive a small order and I made sure it shipped virtually immediately and a few months later, the competitor was the one teaching him.”

    We became fast friends.

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