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Four Biggest Myths about Websites

This brief explores the pros and cons of the Four biggest myths held by business owners about web sites. Four Biggest Myths about Websites

  1. I can’t do a web site myself.

Yes you can by using a “site builder kit” like Wix.com

Not if you want a site to perform custom functions. Kit sites either simply can’t be or are very poorly optimized for search engines.

  1. Web sites are expensive to develop.

No they are not. They cost from $0 to $100 per month including development, hosting, and monthly maintenance.

Yes when you want more than limited functionality and specific graphical look and feel.

  1. Web sites will get me business very quickly

No, it usually takes from 3 – 6 months for the typical site to be found by Google/Yahoo’s search engines. 70% of sites are found this way.

Yes – you can get almost instant visibility using Pay-per-click and choosing the appropriate key words. About 10% of sites are found this way.

  1. I need a Business Plan to do a web site

No you don’t, just simply get started with a do it yourself template.

Without a BP you will automate confusion. Lack of financial, market, and client focus will lead quickly to failure. Learn more about website development here.

Additional suggested references:

1] Suggest attending the SCORE Chapter 34 Seminar: “Web Fundamentals for Business Owners.” If you would like to request a SCORE counselor, please click here.