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Selecting your domain name – Short, Smart and Significant

This posting was borrowed from Volusion where I have a shop set up at www.amjoshop.com

Remember these words ‘Short, Smart and Significant‘, these are the rules to live by when you are choosing a domain name for your business.

There are several things to consider in the quest for the perfect domain name.

Remember that defined, a domain name is “a name that distinguishes your business from others on the Internet, allows Internet users to find your website quickly and easily”. Your domain name will need to be different than the other domain names out there. Do a search to get an idea of which domain names are available, and which domains are already taken (most are). Generating a unique domain name won’t be too complicated, since most generic names are already being used by other companies.

In order to allow Internet users to find your website “quickly and easily”, keep the following three tips in mind.

Tip 1: Keep it “short and sweet”.

The shorter the site name, the easier it is for a customer to type and most importantly, remember. This also means, the easier it is for that customer to refer other customers to your site. The internet is all about speed and convenience, so choose your domain name along those same lines. Make the process of referencing, and getting to your website as painless and effortless as possible for your new customer.

Tip 2: Use keywords.

Choose a domain name that is best suited for Search Engines. Search Engines, such as Google, are the number one place to advertise products for your online business. Try to use the main keyword or phrase you’d like to optimize your entire site for. For example, if you specialize in selling jewelry, include the word jewelry in your domain name. If silver jewelry is all you sell, use the phrase silver jewelry. Don’t be too broad and at the same time, if you have a wide-ranging product base, don’t be too specific.

Use the tool that follows to test the popularity of different keywords currently being searched for: Keyword Tool.

Tip 3: Make it relevant.

Make sure your domain name is relevant to what you are selling. This helps when customers search for products or services your site offers. This is where your common sense comes in handy. Think about your own ideal online shopping experience or if you haven’t experienced such yet, think about what you’d want that experience to resemble.

For example, if you wanted to buy a fishing lure, which site would you be more likely to take the time to visit, Site A or Site B?

Site A: www.fishinglures.com

Site B: www.bobsfishstuff.com

I’m sure you, like most internet shoppers, would more than likely opt for Site A.

Having a relevant domain name makes that site appear more significant and pertinent to exactly what the customer is looking for- saving wasted time and annoyance. With these tips in mind, let the search begin. And don’t forget the three S’s- Short, Smart, and Significant!

-Stacie Leonard, Ecommerce Marketing/Copywriting (At Volusion)

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