SCORE Women’s Networking Group – Vive la Difference!

SCORE Women’s Networking Group – Vive la Difference!

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Join Us as a Score Mentor

SCORE Women Networking Group met March 23 and the spirited discussion reminded me of why SCORE is reaching out to attract diverse members and counselors in the first place – the value of many points of view and the particular value of women’s contributions to an organization like SCORE.

Let me be more specific. Many of us grew up in an era when women were not found starting or running many businesses – and were not, in fact, in leadership roles in the world in general. Now we live in a world of female astronauts, Supreme Court Justices – and business owners. Young women of the next generation look to us for leadership, inspiration and just plain common sense when starting a business. Successful men and women of SCORE have been offering that to young (and not so young) business start-ups for the past fifty years.

But now we have new information, based on current research that underlines the importance of Score’s outreach program for women. Some qualities traditionally considered “female” (i.e., collaboration, multi-tasking, communication skills, nurturing behavior and emotional intelligence) are now being hailed as desirable business skills. Women as mentors complement the traditional models of leadership and business behavior, which can, we hope, make them even better – more compassionate, more empathetic, more helpful to the client.

Please don’t get me wrong: women as mentors or coaches or leaders are certainly not “better” than men – only different. Just as we need both sexes to propagate the world, so we need both approaches to enhance our traditional mentoring models. Women and men mentors both find enormous satisfaction in nurturing the next generation of business owners – and can bring this enhanced sensibility to their mentoring experience. All of us benefit by this inclusive approach – ourselves as well as our clients.

So here is to Score’s outreach program – and joining together for our clients!


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