Sales: Professional Checklist

Sales: Professional Checklist

Bill HamanFrom the SCORE Ask an Expert Blog:

22 Points for Sales Success

People buy from people they like and respect. What they expect of you:

  • Product knowledge-customers want to do business with one who knows their products.
  • Look sharp, be sharp-dress in a professional manner. Look successful.
  • Know your customer-develop a profile of your customer. Customer relationship software can be very useful.
  • Be prompt, confirm meetings, and always be early. This goes for returned phone calls. Customers respect sales people that get back to them right away.
  • Take rejection in a professional manner. Ask why you failed. Next time you may be the winner.
  • Always be prepared. Being prepared shows your customer that they are dealing with a professional.
  • Know the players in your industry and maintain contact with fellow professionals.
  • Always give the second or third effort to make sure your customer has total satisfaction with the service you provide.
  • Always ask for the order. Most salespeople are afraid to ask.
  • Your sales presentation should be well prepared and to the point. You are there to get an order. Timing is everything.
  • Know when to listen. You learn more by listening than by talking.
  • Always send a thank you. A follow up note is professional.
  • Always be a fighter for your customer.
  • Always be honest and truthful.
  • Know your competitors thoroughly. Know their weaknesses and strengths.
  • Never take anything for granted.
  • Body language should be watched closely. There is always a message given.
  • Have a plan and work your plan.
  • Paper work is part of your responsibility. Records, order entry, credit collection. You have to be a total salesman.
  • Know when to shut up. If they are ready to buy, do not talk your way out of the sale.
  • Make time for your family. Stay in good condition. A tired horse never runs a good race.
  • Attend a SCORE sales seminar and learn from the pros.

Bill Haman, SCORE Cincinnati


  • Bill Haman | Dec 6,2009

    These are certainly words to live by.


  • Bill Haman | Dec 10,2009

    These are all points Bill has made in my meetings with him and the other score volunteers. The SCORE consultants are unable to change the economy but they have changed the way I view my own situation. Stay positive, stay on task keep your mission in focus and persevere.

    Continued thanks

  • Bill Haman | Sep 26,2010

    “Know when to shut up. If they are ready to buy, do not talk your way out of the sale.”

    Of all of the advice I have seen regarding consultative sales, this is some of the best. Allowing the prospect time to consider the information already presented and respond is critical. Not shutting-up is one of the more common mistakes I see made by small business owners.

    Good list!

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