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Well if you’re confused about RSS then I’m not surprised. I’m quite internet savvy and I’m only just figuring this out.

R.S.S. stands for Really Simple Syndication.


Each page and post on this site has a row of icons along the bottom which looks like this.
SCORE Share Icons
See the row of LIVE icons at the bottom or this page.

If you scan your mouse pointer over these icons you’ll see the options available

  • Print (Not Great but it does create a printer friendly page)
  • Facebook (allows you to post an article or page you see to your Face Book page)
  • LinkedIn (Allows you to share a post you’ve seen with your LinkedIn friends)
  • MySpace (Allows you to share a post you’ve seen with your MySpace friends)
  • RSS (Really SImple Syndication) Lets talk about this more below.
  • Email (Allows you to email a link to the article you’ve found)
  • There are other options which I will not talk about here.

To subscribe to our blog or then click the RSS Icon.

It looks like thisRSS_Iconand it shows up at the bottom of the post and sometimes it will also show up in the address bar (FireFox) or the tool bar area (IE) and if you click on it then you’ll get some options to subscribe.

I give up!

Watch this video!


The list of icons I was talking about are below this line of text!