Key Elements of a Sales Agreement

Key Elements of a Sales Agreement

It is vital that a written agreement be established spelling out specific services to be provided, when, at what price and other pertinent terms. This written document initially can be the Sales Proposal and then be modified to be the Sales Agreement /Contract. The key elements of the Sales Agreement are:

  1. Contact information including company name, address, phone and fax numbers, e-mail address and web site.
  2. Marketing information such as: “Bonded and Insured”,“Work Guaranteed”, “Fully Covered by Workman’s Compensation, etc.
  3. Proposal Number
  4. Proposal submitted to: Name and address of Client
  5. Detailed description of goods and services to be supplied:
    –Include any special conditions such as services to provided by the client (water, power, access, etc…)
    –Who will obtain and provide licenses and permits.
    –When the work will be performed and its duration.
    –Specify cleanup to be provided and equipment to be removed
  6. Pricing and payment terms
  7. List any specific items that are excluded.
  8. The level of client support/participation to be provided.
  9. Statement that any changes/additions to the specific items listed are subject to a negotiated price change.
  10. Name, title and signature of proposer, including date of proposal.
  11. Term for which the proposal remains valid (10, 30, 60 days)
  12. Sgnature of buyer and date of acceptance
  13. Any notices of the right of the seller or buyer to cancel the proposal or agreement (such as: the buyer’s property becomes unavailable (fire, flood, destruction, etc..)

The original of the signed agreement is retained by the Seller and a signed copy is given to the buyer.


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