Five Pillars of a Satisfying Volunteer Job

Five Pillars of a Satisfying Volunteer Job

SCORE’s own Dick Wendel has developed the Five Pillars as a way to help you determine if your volunteer work is satisfying to you. The criteria are:

  • Volunteer work should be fun and punctuated by a variety of engaging activities. It should be something you look forward to.
  • Volunteer work should offer a social outlet and involvement with people you like and with whom you share cordiality. It should create a sense of belonging.
  • Volunteer work should provide a learning experience that, aside from adding skills, knowledge and abilities, deepens the understanding of diversity, cultural differences and human needs.�
  • Volunteer work should produce a pride in accomplishment and the personal enhancements that feed a sense of self-esteem and personal integrity.�
  • The volunteer’s mission should be in sync with the organization’s mission and provide a roadmap for putting beliefs into action.

We hope you find these helpful.

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