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Computer Dumping and Recycling – Pangs of Guilt

Recently one of my Facebook friends shared a video with me and his other friends about the disposal of personal computers and their effect on the environment. I was, to say the least, shocked and then pangs of guilt moved in. Over the years I have thrown out computers, monitors, network adapters, printers and simply tossed them in the trash not knowing that there would be a possibility of some of that hardware poisoning people in faraway lands. The video he shared is at the … 
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SCORE – Daisy’s Teas Cincinnati (Video)

SCORE TV Program Interview of SCORE’s Mary Jane Good helping Vicki Rae Collins starting Daisy’s Teas. Please share your comments: [wpcf]

SCORE Dayton Video

Here’s a great video about SCORE Dayton. Run Length is 9:00 Minutes Please share your comments and thoughts with us. [wpcf]

SCORE Cincinnati Success Stories (Video)

Here’s a six minute video of some SCORE Mentors and Clients sharing some of their experiences. Lots more videos << Click Here >> Please provide feedback and comments: