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Free Publicity and Awards Build Small Business Success

Marketing your small business

by Karen Durand & Katie Nelson, SCORE Cincinnati Chapter

It’s well known that small businesses have limited marketing budgets, but still have a great need to get their message out to build their business.  Dennis, Murphy, SCORE Mentor, suggests that one should NEVER be afraid of the Media. “All businesses should have a brief bio and a short one page article about the universal problem that their company solves or fulfills,” i.e. your “elevator speech.”  He has found this to be amazingly successful in garnering media attention and awards.

Dennis offers his “Top 10 Tips for Marketing Your Business:”

10) Find someone that believes in your dream and can help you achieve it. (Example. a free SCORE Mentor)

09) Build an attractive and strong website. Use search engine optimization.

08) Don’t be afraid of the media; contact them and tell your story.

07) Have a brief bio of yourself including a brief one page article that details the universal need that your business fulfills (be sure to exemplify WHY your business is different than others in your field.)

06) Find local media contacts. Check the bylines for writers and their contact information. Community newspapers are always looking for good content and the distribution is tailored to people in your community!

05) Get on various mailing lists. is a great one. Information is knowledge, and mailing lists are free.

04) Follow up! It’s easy to send an email or place a follow up phone call. This could separate your “potential story” from the rest of the pack to the top of the stack.

03) Toot your own horn! Don’t be afraid to promote yourself. You’ve made it this far; flaunt it in a professional but personalized way.

02) Apply for local/national awards. Awards are not only a way to get your name out there, but the plaques will look great on your store wall.

01) Network, Network, Network! Get involved in your community, meet with business owners, chambers of commerce, etc.

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