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The Story of kokoslist and SCORE

From Jayne Gall:

I recently started to share my enthusiasm and intense interest in local arts activities and farmers markets, and to spread the word and create interest in the concept of Community Supported Agriculture in collaboration with our local, independent farmers.

Along the way, my focus grew out of focus and spread to ever so many other complementary areas including my personal favorite cause for delight, the brain. My interest in brain research and how we do, in fact, impact the health of our brains, emotions, and quality of life by the choices we make, has encouraged me to continue exploring the community for activities that align themselves with growing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I try to promote the connectors, that is, choices that include good food, appropriate stimulants (art, music, dance, challenging games) and activities that put us all in a better place. Kokoslist contains links to research that proves these activities are good and necessary for all of us.

My goal is to encourage people to get out. To try new things. Support their neighbors and community. Eat well, locally and organic. Support the arts, interact, smile and be smiled at.

In my attempt to keep it simple to kokoslist followers, I have made it complex in its offerings. This is a good thing. It has become quite comprehensive and inclusive in areas of learning and socializing. The result has become a snapshot of our community; all the fun and education and art and food and nature and wine and trains we can get to. (All things trains being another love)

Also along the way, I realized that I was accomplishing a goal to publish an on-line service benefitting my community, but was limited in my knowledge of how to promote myself, kokoslist’s attributes, and run a business in general. A friend of mine suggested SCORE as a resource since he had had a great experience when he worked through it with his business. It was easy to get involved with SCORE by going to the website and filling out a simple questionnaire. I am still awed by the prompt response and the quality of the business professional assigned by SCORE.

Jayne kokoslist

I am benefiting greatly from my relationship with the SCORE counselor who is working with me on improving my image and moving forward in marketing myself and my on-line business.

After only a few days, through his innate ability to identify direction and create manageable steps to attain goals, he has increased my confidence level and improved my professional approach to marketing and managing my business. He is highly organized, very knowledgeable, articulate, and encouraging, and, as a result, I am learning to efficiently and effectively organize my efforts and align my goals.

He is also generous with his talents. I look forward to our continued business relationship. He is a wonderful resource and effective coach who has the talent to propel a business to the next level quickly, with little stress, while encouraging the transition to success to be a fun adventure.

I am continuously expanding and improving the content and outreach of kokoslist while giving back to the community through the various promotions. I am proud of my efforts. I believe it is natural for people to want to interact, learn new things, develop and inspire our creativity, explore our world. At, I am doing what I love and living my story.

Please go to and check us out. To reach me for comment, please email

Jayne Gall, Marketing Director, kokoslist