Effective Elevator Speeches

Effective Elevator Speeches

Effective Elevator Speeches that Leave a Lasting Impression
by Julie Brander

An elevator speech is a short introduction of who you are and what your company does in about 200 words or less. It should highlight your uniqueness and focus on the benefits that you provide. It is delivered in an enthusiastic upbeat way, introducing yourself, shaking hands, having eye contact, engaging the potential client and handing out a business card.

A good elevator speech would include:

  1. The services or features that you provide.
  2. The benefits that your clients will receive from these services.
  3. Include successful client outcomes.
  4. Create an opening sentence that will grab the listeners attention, the best opening lines leave the listener wanting more information.
  5. Finally your elevator speech has to sound sincere, engaging and delivered with passion.
  6. Always introduce yourself, shake hands and have a business card to hand out

This essential networking tool will allow you to grab the attention of anyone you wish to do business with.

This would be an example of mine:

Hi, my name is Julie Brander and I am a SCORE counselor with 20 years of business experience, I have my MBA and Real Estate License. I help people start and expand their businesses. I’ve helped clients get business loans who have been turned down. I’ve helped clients with their marketing plans in which they have increased their business and helped with business plans in order to get bank financing. SCORE counselors are available free of charge to help you with all your business needs. In Cincinnati, please contact us at 513-684-2812 or visit us at www.scoreworks.org.

Elevator speeches are intended for very brief encounters in an elevator. But elevator speeches are not just for elevators! You can use it whenever you introduce yourself to anyone who asks you what you do. It could be in the supermarket, waiting in line, at any networking event or where ever you are.

So, who can describe with passion, precision and persuasiveness what you do better than you? A great elevator speech makes a lasting first impression, showcases your professionalism and allows you to position yourself. And if you want to network successfully, you need an elevator speech!

Thanks to Julie Brander, New Haven SCORE

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