What About Franchising?

For many entrepreneurs, franchising is a way to start a business with an established brand name in the marketplace. There are several pros and cons to franchising that every entrepreneur should understand before getting involved in a franchise agreement. Research […]Continue reading «What About Franchising?»

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How To Form a Nonprofit Organization

Contact: Melinda Zemper Feb. 1, 2016 Phone: (513) 706-3737| Email: mzemper@fuse.net New SCORE Seminar to Help Entrepreneurs Form a Nonprofit Organization Volunteer arm of SBA offers 45 SCORE workshops per year Greater Cincinnati SCORE, business volunteers who help entrepreneurs start up […]Continue reading «How To Form a Nonprofit Organization»

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Business Use of the Home

If you are planning to conduct a business out of your home, you should be aware that you could be eligible to take a very valuable tax deduction. The following is a summary of the qualification requirements: ELIGIBILITY FOR CLAIMING […]Continue reading «Business Use of the Home»

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Employees vs. Independent Contractors

Employees vs contractors. A key decision facing every new business is how to hire people to do work for the business. Worker classification is an important legal distinction that determines payroll tax liability and the employer responsibility to pay for […]Continue reading «Employees vs. Independent Contractors»

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Taxes and Business Ownership

The ugly word none of us want to utter Taxes, especially business owners. You may not want to think about them but it is something you must know about if you are a business owner. Today we are providing a […]Continue reading «Taxes and Business Ownership»

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Basics of Becoming a Professional Sales Person

If you are a solo or micro business owner it is likely you are also the sales person or Rainmaker for the business. You may not think of yourself as a sales person, but it is critical to the success […]Continue reading «Basics of Becoming a Professional Sales Person»

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) provides a means to reach target audiences through improved web site positioning in search engines. The following tips are some basic best practices to consider in optimizing your site for improved search engine performance. Identifying Target […]Continue reading «Search Engine Optimization»

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What is a Copyright?

As a business owner you have definitely heard the term copyright, but do you know what it really is? Copyright is a form of protection provided by the laws of the United States to authors of original works of authorship. […]Continue reading «What is a Copyright?»

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Everything a Start Up Needs to Know

Once again we offer you a roundup of the multiple resources available through SCORE. Starting Your Own Business Want to start your own business? Our best advice to you is “Be careful!” Why? Because more than half of new businesses […]Continue reading «Everything a Start Up Needs to Know»

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Trademarks and Service Marks

Trademarks and Service Marks can be confusing but they are important terms to understand for your business. This is a general overview of trademarks and service marks. Please check these websites for the most up to date information: US Patent […]Continue reading «Trademarks and Service Marks»

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